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Our Story

After searching unsuccessfully over an extended period for lower sugar alternatives to overly sweet soft drinks, in 2018 the founders of the Demi Doux project embarked on their mission to create a line of low sugar sodas that would taste great and provide a healthier, less filling alternative to over-sweetened sodas. Taste tests and reformulations over an 18 month period resulted in a line of drinks that are more refreshing and have about half the sugar of big name soft drinks. By using high quality essences and the minimum amount of real cane sugar– no corn syrup and no artificial sweeteners – Demi Doux low sugar soda provides sparkling flavor without clinging sweetness or unpleasant aftertaste.

Demi Doux’s goal is to provide a superior alternative to the big producers that care more about their bottom line than people’s health and personal choices. We’re always interested in feedback; let us know what you think of our products. And let us know what additional flavors you’d like to see!

Fun Fact: “Demi-Doux” is a French term that describes something as semi-sweet.

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