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How to Enjoy Demi Doux

While it is of course obvious how to drink a can of soda, it is worth it to expend a tiny bit of effort to assure that you get the most enjoyment from your beverage. So…

We’ll start with a word about the can. The can is by far the best container in which to deliver carbonated beverages because, unlike plastic bottles, they let almost no carbonation escape before you open the container. However, it is best not to drink directly from the can because, as those with well-developed olfactory skills already know, the slight scent of the can itself can affect the flavor and enjoyment of the soda.

Therefore, we recommend that you start by grabbing a drinking glass, preferably one made of actual glass. Glass is best because it introduces virtually no foreign flavors and aromas into the taste and smell of the beverage, unlike plastic and metal cups. Demi Doux sodas have deep flavor and rich aromas, so a beer glass or other glass with a wide opening at the top will allow you to best enjoy the effervescence.

If you like more carbonation, slowly pour the soda down the side of the glass. For less final carbonation, just carelessly pour down the middle and enjoy the crazy effervescence for a second or two. Demi Doux’s rich flavors stand up well to ice; if you want more bubbles as you drink, put the ice in the glass first. If you plop ice cubes in after pouring, there will be agitation and consequent loss of fizz.

If you want a smaller amount of soda with a meal or whatever, you can keep the remainder bubbly with a soda can lid, which are available online and at most grocery stores. A flat can of soda is a sad can of soda.

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